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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  September 15, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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abty to move the chains? >> first half, we came out with enough tempo. in the second half, we just laid back. guys got complacent. >> maria: thanks. >> bob: once again, our final score, teddy bridgewater and loul hold on and win it 39-34. up next, you can see anthorizon state take on missouri at 9:15 on espn texas head down to ole miss to take on the rebels. great night of college football. enjoy the football tonight. so long from louisville.
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>> the first look at the california man believed to be behind the film that is sparking deadly protests around the world. the state department issues a new worning today -- warning today. >> they remove massive amounts of trash from an area they have never been able to eat before. >> a water main break causes problems for businesses. >> hello everyone. i am allen long. >> i am ama dayton.
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we start with the u.s. embassies overseas. the state department ordered family members and nonemergency personnel to leave the embassies in sudan and tunisia. they canceled visits to libya to probe the killings of four americans at the embassy there. we are getting a glimpse of the man who started the video. we have more from afghanistan. >> around the world scenes of anger and raw emotion. in pakistan protestors stomp on the u.s. flag and in egypt emergency crews struggled to regain control after a night of rioting. the anger had even tread down under. >> some of that anger has again turned deadly.
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in afghanistan the taliban released this video, the aftermath of a revenge attack storming into a base killing two u.s. marines and wounding many more all this while the man believes to be behind the controversial film seen here with his face and head covered met overnight with probation officers. they are investigating his activities. today members of his own christian community are distancing themselves from his actions. >> we reject violence we reject insensitivity. this is not sensitive to our muslim brothers. >> he turned down the request from the obama administration to remove the controversial film saying it walls we-- falls we wl be nooet their guidelines. >> the taliban always promising more revenge attacks are on the
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way. abc news, kabul. the obama administration has marines to boost security at the diplomatic post in libya and yemen. first angry demonstrators broke into the u.s. embassy in yemen. local security forces shot live rounds in the air and fired tear gas of 2,000 protestors from the building. they have appraised the killings of the americans in libya in a posting on islamic militant web sites. the group called for more attacks. >> sudan has objected to u.s. plans to set send an elite marine team to cartume. they stormed the german and british embassies before moving on to the u.s. embassy. police used tear gas to stop it from scaling the walls. two protestors were killed in the protest. >> the attacks on americans overseas. >> i made clear the united
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states has a profound respect for things of all faith. we with stand freedom and de jekt the degrading of any image islam. there is there is no excuse for attacks on our embassies and consulates. so long as i am commander-in-chief the united states will never tolerate efforts to harm our fellow americans. >> president obama repeated his condolences for the families of four americans killed in the libya attack including ambassador christopher stevens. he was raised in piedmont and graduated from uc berkeley in 1982 and college in 1989. they released a new video appealing for calm in the arab world. in the video the national executive director tells viewers ordinary americans and the u.s. government should not be blamed
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for the religious hatred expressed in the fill. the law says the controversy distracts from more important issues like the struggle from freedom in syria. britain says it has no plans to enter deployment in afghanistan despite the taliban attack on the place where he is stationed. they carried out the attack in helminen providence partly because prince harry is there and anger over the anti islam movie. the prince's deployment was carefully planned and officials are continually assessing the threat to all british troops. in morgan hill the search for missing pc lamar. search teams searched through the reservoir that had been explored. in mid march before going to school wednesday's searchs were canceled this week leaving saturday as the scheduled search day. >> we needed to maybe go back a little bit so we can regroup.
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the mavericks want to get other maps ready for other areas. so we will just do saturdays for a while and then probably go back to wednesdays i am hoping. the searchers want them back if they are willing to be here. >> garcia torres has been charged with the motive her 16th birthday would be next month. one of the largest volunteer efforts in the world took place today. thousands of volunteers went for the coastal cleanup day. they were able to clean up one spot they have never been able to reach before. abc 7 news reporter is live to explain. hi, lisa. >> hi, allen. the reason they had never gone there is because of the known homeless camp which is the first time in a long time is vacant. they filled 500 of these trash bags and passed all tlae of their dumpsters.
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the bags kept on coming. >> sounds like there's a lot on there. >> con this clean up day this was a first. volunteers were actually allowed access to a homeless camp that hj occupied for 8 years. >> now that he is not here we are going in. >> armed with bags gloves and trash gloves they were ready to clear 8 years worth of grocery bags. >> stay on top high before you dig down into the carpet. >> clothes and trash. >> bottles of water>> scissors. >> a lot of coins. >> you see the amount of crash under that there is another mountain of trash. there's trash over there. 20 yards away there is more
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trash. >> it was an overwhelming under taking. >> we didn't realize how deep it was into the ground. organizers found out the place they called home was passed away. this would be only no ordinary cleanup day. it involves picking up trash along the beach and hillside. it's a leisurely day that doesn't require this kind of heavy lifting. >> the amount of trash we are picking up here is what we do in three years through the whole park in the whole beach. >> moving the trash out was a volunteer project. they passed it up a dirt half mile high hill and eventually into these dumpsters. >> this is a lot. i am like, really? >> because there is so much trash in the camp they organized a special cleanup day to finish
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the job next month. live in daily city abc 7 news. >> thank you, lisa. >> just ahead a traffic backup in the air. >> the construction project causing slight delays at fso. >> plus the stowaway kitty. how did this cat get past airport security and hitch a ride in luggage all of the way to disney world? we have had really nice weather
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>> a water main break sent water bushing down a neighborhood. water started bubbling out of the main cover on to carolina street. nearby yoga studio owner says
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she was about to start class when water started flooding the studio. >> the carpet is wet because it's a slope down the water is coming in. the water is just seeping down. the city would be happy to compensate me for that. >> crews with san francisco public works quickly responded to the scene. no word on what caused the water main break to break. he was hit by a truck while riding an electric power bike. it happened in south san jose. a memorial was at the site today. the child started on the roadway in front of the truck. he was not wearing a helmet and died later in the hospital. there is no indication the driver was speeding or using drugs or alcohol. the driver is not facing any charges. one person is in the hospital and another needed a new place to stay after a car slammed into a house in san jose early this morning. it shows you how far the car
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plowed into the house. it happened before 2:30 this morning at mayberry and orange road. police are still investigating the cause. >> one of the main arrival runways at san francisco international airport has closed this weekend causing one hour delays. crews are working through monday morning to extend the runway and install new lighting. it could mean delays especially for those arriving. they depart from areas during a two-hour radius could experience 90 minute delays. the runway will shut down again over the weekend of september 21st and september 28th. >> lee glaser is looking at the forecast. >> this is the last weekend of summer as fall arrives next weekend. doppler hc camera -- not live doppler. we will get to that in a moment.
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looking down toward the bay you can see the fall starting to move in. a good sign that things are going to start to change a bit for us as we head into our sunday, monday and tuesday with cooler air mass will be taking over. live doppler 7 h. d. you can debt about a sense of the low cloudiness and fog sitting near the coast. pushing up near the coast near oceana boulevard to the gray highway. this will be moving inland tonight through the bay and possibly out toward the delta and we will get into a stronger sea breeze scenario overnight. temperatures right now 91 in fairfield. 60s in comparison in san francisco. we have 76 right now in san jose. our highlights will go near the coast overnight moving further
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inland. it is a setup through the midweek and we will see all temperatures around the bay area. 40s a bit chilly napa 49, 48 percent of rosa. a little fog will seep in there. 55 degrees for anti ok 56 for san jose. here is the setup. we have high temperatures getting flushed back toward the east. the low pressure develops to the north and west of us. as this system slowly sags south it will set up the cooling trend for us as we head into sunday near bait and the coast. we will feel the effects of this as we head into monday and tuesday and temperatures in the upper 80s will push back into the mid to low 80s in at that time frame. sunday enjoy 85 for antioch and
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livermore. 70 oakland 64 san francisco. santa rosa will cool down to 78 degrees. sunshine 78 degrees. 77 expected tomorrow in san jose. 74 in santa crews. look at the 7-day forecast: oo sports this morning. everyone had a chance. >> they had ohio state right where they wanted them thanks to brandon big low.
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>> tough to face off against the 100,000 fans at ohio state. then had a chance to win the game. and your kicker the soccer player managed 3 field goals.
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one man does not make a team but the kicker had a long time home. ohio state dominated early. first quarter buckeye quarterback miller huge game. check out the move. 55 yards for the score. chris harper he will take it the rest of the way. 19 yards first lead of the game 7-6. through the air 25 yard bullet. devon smith. takes it at the half. brandon big low. look at this. breaks a few tackles a couple of spin moves gate balance. you are not going to catch them. 81 yards for the touchdown. cal down 20-14. 4th quarter 21-41 buckeyes. 59 yards. game tied at 28. cal a chance to grab the lead.
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he has one job failed three times. third down. miller a wide open devon smith. 240 yards four td passes. offense not enough. they lose 45-28. 5th ranked florida state. check out rashad green. >> 60 yard punt return 14-0. seminole running back chris thompson broke his back last year against wake. 179 yards two td's including in 80 yarder. they are 3-0 with a 52 victory. takes it in from 12 yards out. still in the first.
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lobs it up. 13 yard touchdown. 14-0. you know they are 0-2, right? >> this one 18 yards. third td of the day. virginia tech 35-17 that final. arkansas quarterback brandon allen two pieces including this one sets up lacy. one of two td runs for the day. 52-0. >> the nfl football 49ers hosting detroit in the home opener. they hope to keep their streak alive without the
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[ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. your head-start to home cooked. >> the lions take on the 49ers. any one who is playing pro football games is not turning it over. niners have gone 6 games without a turnover. they tied at 2010. longest streak in history to hang on to the ball. they went without an interception. passing santana and steve young? >> it is a great streak to have any quarterback would be proud to have. >> they are number one making good decisions.
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we are trying to get better. >> they played the lpga playoff. playing 9 holes in over two-days. she has a five stroke lead. queen elizabeth being carted around. second shot on the par 3 nine. ten shots off the lead. everybody is chasing south korea. shot an 8 under 64. heading into the third round. michigan state coming up on abc 7. stay tuned following the contest for after the game we will breakdown the day in college football. >> thank you. >> much more ahead on this special edition of abc 7 news at 4:00. >> the battle against west nile. say good-bye to those discounts
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>> family members to get out of sudan and tonenes tunisia. the obama administration is encouraging all u.s. citizens in tu tunisia to leave due to the anti-american violence. the man-made respon responsible the film that fuelled the attacks may have gone in hiding. he disguised himself with heavy clothing while being interviewed last night by federal probation officers. they don't know where he went. nato reports a man thought to be
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a local policemen killed two international service members in afghanistan. 47 service members including americans have died this year from afghan soldiers or policemen plus insurgents dressed in their uniform. >> pope benedict xvi called religious freedom stability for the middle east. this is the second day of his visit. the bulletproof pope mobile went through the crowds of beirut. the pope held up lebanon as an example of religious co ex assistance between christians and lebanon. they ha tens of thousands of people took to the streets in moscow in protest against president vladimir putin. >> this is the first major protests in three months. the crowd was watched carefully by 7,000 police along the route. they have cracked down on the
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new laws and interrogations of activists. they wanted to reform including a stronger democracy. >> the teacher's strike in chicago are optimistic the students could be back in class by monday. the reporters rallied in union park this afternoon. the school board reached a tentative agreement yesterday. the two big issues are job security and teacher evaluation. they will not call off the strike until they see something in writing. the strike is in the 6th day. >> a familiar face is helping republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan prepare for the debate. he will act by biden. he is an advocate of same-sex marriage and proposition 8 in federal court. he was solicitor general in president george h.w. bush. in los angeles the get des se
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getty's center art museum is opening. there's a wildfire burning nearby. it broke out east of interstate 45. the blaze moved quickly uphill toward the residential cul-de-sac in belled air. the fire charred 90 acres so far. they are hoping to have it fully contained by tomorrow. the battle against west nile virus continue was a spring in san jose. starting at 11 tonight they will be ground fogging in an area bordered. the fogging kills mosquitos that can carry the virus and spread it to humans. contra county health officials say a woman is recovering from west nile virus. >> internet shopping will have sales tax. at midnight the so-called amazon
4:35 pm
law took effect in california. that means on-line retailers must charge between 7 and 9 percent for state and local taxes. state officials say the new law will bring in as much as $100 million from amazon punches a -- purchases alone. 100 million the first year. the board of equalization has 35 new auditors and collectors to handle that wind fall. >> the number of apps to translate one language into another is exploding. these can be a learning tool and a big help in allowing you to get into a country where you don't read the language. michael finney has been looking at the biggest sellers. >> i am trying out an app called word land. it says breakfast, lunch. now look at it through word land. (speaking foreign language). it is a translator that turns a written word from one language into another. let's try again. (speaking foreign language)
4:36 pm
>> that's cool. i didn't know they had those out yet. >> i have the french english module that costs 4.99. i try it out around union square. it always gets a big reaction. >> oh, no way. you need that for when you go to europe. >> that's really cool. >> cool, yes, but is it accurate? oo this is the san francisco french school called the french class where we are using the word lens on the cover of a french language book and asking the director of the school to check it out. >> close. they type the title into another
4:37 pm
huge app, the i translate. it translates the title as the birds will die in peru. here i let the i translate voice the title. >> the birds will die in brew. (speaking foreign language) >> excellent. very good. very good. >> perfect. >> that's what i was going to say. >> of course. it costs ance extra $1.99 if you want to ad free and the word lens is free with each language costs 4.99. you con -- i contacted boast of the ap makers. couldn't contact one. if you would like to try one out call and tell me about it.
4:38 pm
more problems today for the royal family over compromising photos of kate middleton and the dutches of cambridge. legal action as more tabloids decide to publish the images. >> a social network for animal lovers. how the dog you have could determine the mayfield sign. lee glaser has the
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
>> the lathes on the photo drama surrounding prince william and prince kate. the topless photos were published in an irish tabloid. an italian gossip magazine plans to publish them next week. in france the publisher who first ran the pictures says she has nothing to apologize for.
4:41 pm
>> i am not -- i shot an in love couple and kate is the girl next door. >> they have taken legal action against the french magazine. the pictures were taken last month when the royal couple was vacationing at a private estate in southern france. >> clint eastwood spoke out about his empty chairs get out last month at the national public convention. he created quite a stir when he talked to an empty chair pretended it was president obama. >> nobody wants to sit and insult people. unfortunately that's the way politics is. people are will always insulting one another. they have different points of view than one another. i just -- only had one message that was people look more than -- you don't have to
4:42 pm
idolize these people. >> the 82-year-old said the advantage of being his age is no one can do anything to you you can just have thoughts. >> in san francisco there are three more opportunities to help save a bay area toddler's life. earlier we brought you the story of a 2-year-old who has a rare form of leukemia. he needed a bone mario transplant before under going a third round of chemotherapy. there is no matches for jeremy in the national bone marrow donor registry. the bone mario drive like this one has been taking place to mind a match most likely to come from an asian donor. they make up less than one percent of those on the registry. jeremy's aunt is hoping people will set aside old superstitions and come out to see if they can help. there are 3 more drives tomorrow on treasure island at the dragon boat fest. we have details at oversee it on tv.
4:43 pm
>> what does your pet say about you? quite a lot according to a study by a young entrepreneur who hopes he can bring people together by way of their furry friends. jonathan woods explains. >> this is han sell. he's a dutachshund. >> what would he say about you as an owner. >> i am fiercely independent. >> your dog speaks volumes about you especially to a potential partner. >> a dog like that a little terrier i would have been totally into you. >> that's the idea behind a free i toiphone app that is making w. it is connecting people by way of their pets and learning some interesting things in the process. >> you could say let's take a cute picture. >>al han draw russo created a social network that mimics what happens at a dog park. >> they start sniffing each other and then the owners start stalking to each other. that's the general interaction.
4:44 pm
>> if you want love at first sniff. >> if you are a guy and you want to get a date you should get a husky or a german shepherd. that works like a charm. >> german shepherds top the list of breeds that make men more attractive to women followed by golden and labrador retrievers siberian huskies and french bulldogs. pit bulls did not make the top five. women who find guys with pit bulls a little sketchy. >> what breed of dog do you think that would make a man more desirable? >> sadly the wiener dog did not make the list. men are attracted to women with golden and labrador retrievers, chi roy yous poodles and beagles. but... >> people that have chihuahuas are not considered as intelligent than those who do have chihuahuas. >> chihuahua is one night stand.
4:45 pm
a golden retriever she is dating feerl. -- material. >> she is a chick magnet. >> jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> i have a very manly wiener dog. (laughter) >> you have a couple of them. >> what's so bad about that. come on now. >> let's get to lee. she is checking the weather. >> hi there everyone. behind me is lye doppler 7. you can see a bit of fog up near the coast. that is near daily city toward the bay. taking it a little further south. santa cruz enjoy plenty of sunshine all of the way around toward months ray. monterey bay seeing plenty of sunshine. current readings it is ott hot out there. we have antioch and livermore there.
4:46 pm
16 san van -- san francisco. plenty of sun hine in your neighborhood. we are going to look for the fog to redevelop inland overnight. coast in bay for sunday afternoon and for all of us a cooler weather program. >> mostly clear inland. >> 65 we will look for mid to upper 40s. 49 tonight. 50 today and 56 for san jose. we have a tropical pressure developing to the north and west of us. what this is going to do is slide south and that will bring a cooler air mass for us. more low clouds more fog and possibility of drizzle in the bay. we are looking for it to be with us beginning tomorrow sunday and lasting right on in through tuesday, possibly into wednesday as well. we check out the models tomorrow. here's how your day will shape up tomorrow.
4:47 pm
temperatures as you wake up inland and near the coast and mid to upper 40s. by noontime gradual warming inland. 50s though chilly at the coast. sunny mild conditions by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon 80s inland and 70s for the bay and 50s for the coast. antioch 55 degrees. mild day santa rosa 80 degrees. oakland 70 degrees. look for 77 tomorrow. plenty of sunshine for san jose. santa crews 76 the further east you go the warmer it gets.
4:48 pm
>> thank you, lee. >> here's a story for weekend warriors especially the hard-core ones that play during the week. san francisco city league softball team that has been winning championships for 45 years. there comes a time to quall it quits. >> they don't call mail baseball players the boys of summer for no reason. it's an attitude. >> it goes back to when you were a kid. >> hence this weekly meeting at the floating rhinos. >> i have been on the team 12, 13 years. >> i have been on 20. >> 35 right from the beginning. >> they are lawyers who began playing rugby at hastings law school and transitioned to softball. they are champions many times over.
4:49 pm
a team that has been around it's hard to tell whether the trophies have more injuries or the mra ires. >> are you regarded as the old men of the league? >> nobody has called us that. >> nope they still have a lot of pride but he's not as fast as they used to be. >> i am hurting the team by the way. >> i am not the only one. >> oo reynolds is down. >> not really. earlier this season the manager made a command decision. >> superstition is about playing over 62. >> they are done. you are watching their last game. >> we are the little leaguers. they are still in there. >> they played this last game like a team with a 1-6 record.
4:50 pm
>> it is not over until it's over. >> what they said is not what they did. after 35 years the end of the floating rhinos came mercifully back. >> one last formality for the rhinos present and past. >> they say the right thing but in a crowd of lawyers everybody knows the truth. when you play together stay together. when you dissolve you drift. >> we could still get together for pizza and beer every thursday. it takes two decades to mago fr a boy to a full-fledged man. the boy inside remains. wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> there was good hustle there.
4:51 pm
>> college football. what a difference a player can make in a big time college football game. three field goals. cal lost by 7. long fly home for this young man.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
>> one of the biggest games in school history. they took on the buckeyes in columbus. 105,000 fans and cal silenced them with penalties and three missed field goals would be a huge upset. first meeting between these two and 40 years. ohio state dominated early. ashton miller had a huge game.
4:54 pm
he can run and throw. check out the mos. down the side line. they missed the extra .6-0. passes it off to hardberg. cal up 7-6. next possession miller through the air. ohio state led 27 at the half. cal in the third. couple of tackles a couple of pir wepirouettes. stays on his feet. not going to catch him. cal down 20-14. go to the 4th quarter 28-41 buckeyes. big low again. this time 59 yards. carries 260 yards tied at 28. cal a chance to grab the lead. a field goal attempt for this game. got one job failed three times. turns out it doesn't matter.
4:55 pm
49 yards four td's. they lose 35ing 28. pga history nine holes over two-days. he has a five stroke lead. queen elizabeth. second shot of the par 3 nine. pretty much like me. second try way too much. all right. she finds herself pinched off of the lead. 8 under 64. holding a five stroke lead heading into tomorrow's win. stay tuned for after the game which larry beal and yours truly as we breakdown the day in college football. a common argument to the age-old debate between dog lovers and cat lovers is that dogs are more loyal.
4:56 pm
>> it is being called into question by a cat who found a way to tag along when the owner went to disney world. >> josh has more. >> he is a stowaway kitty on a surprise adventure to see mickey. when ethel packed her bags for her annual group disney vacation in orlando 14 month old baba the cat didn't want to stay behind. secretly purring his way into her suitcase monday. >> how did the cat get into the suitcase? >> i was packing so i laid the suitcase out on the floor. >> wide open? >> wide open. >> not knowing the cat was in the bag she checked in at the columbus airport and took off. 921 miles later. >> i unzipped it put my clothes in the drawer and mike, becky, you will never guess what's in high suitcase. >> how did he get through all of the security checks and x-rays
4:57 pm
undetected? >> the transportation security administration tells abc news, when they check bags they are looking for security threats not pets saying quote we would not necessarily have the ability to look for or identify a pet if it were inside a checked bag. so after nearly a week hanging out in this hotel room, how is he getting back home? >> we contacted southwest airlines they are going to weaie the $75 fair for you. >> isn't that something? >> this kitty won't be wrapping up any feline frequent flyer miles. after the trip home he will be making sure this little black bundle won't be hiding out in any bags. abc news, orlando. >> i think he was more curious than loyal. >> thank you for joining us. we wil
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